"Offering me every possible way to express myself, glass became my "partner in crime" to transform my ideas in reality. To mix my own colours is very important for me. Colours are feelings, colours show the mood of a work at first glanze. Colours are life."

Sandra A. Fuchs lives and works in Mautern at the Danube, a small town located within the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria.

Working with glass since 2003, Sandra founded her own glass studio in 2013. After many stays abroad, she has been working exclusively as an independent glass artist in the areas of coldwork - fusing - flamework - hotsculpting and glassblowing at her glass studio in Austria and in Murano, Italy.

She was selected discovery artist at TRESOR BASEL 2017 and official exhibitor during the GLASS ART SOCIETY CONFERENCE, Murano, Italy, 2018. Her works were on display in museums in Germany and Venice, Italy and are available in galleries in Vienna, Salzburg, Murano and London. She took part in exhibitions worldwide (Vienna, Berlin, London, Basel, Zurich, Murano, Florence, Turin, Sarasota/Florida...) where glasslovers quickly noticed and connected with the work.


Her pieces share the same „spirit“, an organic aesthetic. The themes which run through Sandra`s works are inspired by the beauty and power of nature and topics of rising and growth – also in a spiritual way. Creativity and vision are born by travelling, connecting with people from around the world and cultural exchange.

Her fused panels which show their "inner life" are significant for her creations. She developed the pattern of her cores showing fine "venes" of glass by herself what became her signature.

One main focus of her work is the creation of unique pieces of art incorporating murrine, which she designs and makes by herself. Traditionally murrine all possess the same pattern, however she employs a technique making the colour and pattern of each murrina unique during the stretching process of the liquid glass.

As she is combining this new special manufacturing technique of kilnformed murrine, which has only been in existence since 1992, with the old traditional for centuries developed Muranese glassblowing knowledge, the created mouthblown pieces of art are the only ones of their kind worldwide.

Currently the artist is working on mixed media sculptures as well as on developing her fused panels and her limited exclusive mouthblown collections.